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Secure Web Console on a RS 232 Device

Secure Web Console on a RS 232 Device

Hy admin's,
i want to connect a Secure Web Console (SWC) to different Servers (N4000,K210/260,E55). If i connect the SWC to the console-port, it works fine. There is normally a HP Terminal 700/96 connected to this port. Can i connect the SWC to the External Modem Port and use both consoles at the same time? When this is possible, how must i configure the Modem port. (I don't know the H/W-Path of this port). Must i integrate a getty-process?

Thank you for help!!

Werner Placke
Werner Placke

Re: Secure Web Console on a RS 232 Device

interesting idea. However, this won't work if you use the cable that comes with SWC to connect it the modem port. (Sure remember that (guess that was called "DTE" and "DCE") behaviour of devices that let's us decide whether of not to use crossed or straight serial cables)