Server Cooling


Server Cooling

Hi there, as you all probally aware servers generate a lot of heat! In a traditional server room/data centre this is handled by air conditioning, ie cold air is fed into the server rack at the front and passed over the server drawing away the heat. The hot air is then passed out the back of the rack and is sent to a heat exchange to cool it once again and fed it back into the system. A simple but inefficient and costly system to run as it uses a vast ammount of power.

Due to climate change and the global position of most countries to cut down on power usage as much as possible, why have HP not offered a server that can be immersed in a cooling liquid that can reuduce cooling costs by as much as 90%, save 80% of the server chassis metal, increase server density, increase clock rates of the processors etc etc?

See the post below from 3M and let me know your thoughts.

Immersion Cooling | 3M Novec | 3M Singapore




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