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Server Load Shedding using UPS Management Module


Server Load Shedding using UPS Management Module

Has anyone figured out a way of shuting down non-critical servers in a c-7000 Blade Enclosure on one UPS load segment early and allowing more mission critical servers to run longer before shutting down using the HP UPS Management Module and the HP Power Protection Agents?

If I was using individual servers, I could use different load segments and just configure the shutdown parameters for the load segments differently. With Blade Servers they share common power supplies so I would have to segregate the critical and non-critical servers in different blade enclosures.
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Re: Server Load Shedding using UPS Management Module


You can use the SDScript (in the Add/Edit Attached Device tab, refer to UserGuide P.72). When a power loss occurred, PPA (Power Protection Agent) would be notified and then it looked for and executed the SDScript. You add a Blade shutdown command to the script on each non-critical server that you want it shutdown early. While other critical servers keep running until load-segment delays were reached...


Re: Server Load Shedding using UPS Management Module


Thanks for the suggestion but the SDScript is triggered as part of shutdown sequence.

I have the UPS Management Module configured with an Execute Command Delay of 1 minute, a Shutdown OS delay of 3 minutes and both SDScript and EventScript processing enabled. With the ShutDown Delay for the segment set to 15 minutes the observed behavior is: Run for 15 minutes after loss of incoming power (with several UPS events logged), execute SDScript, delay for 1 minute, execute system shutdown, delay for 3 minutes and power down segment.

I suppose I could use the EventScript to catch the "On Battery" event being set on the non-critical servers and shutting them down after a short delay but I was hoping for a bit more elegant solution managed directly from the UPS Management Module.