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Server going nuts

I have a Proliant ML350G9 doing the Intelligent Fan Whirl and All 6 hard drives have the do not eject lights on.  Everything is running, but it is concerning.  I have researched and cannot find much.  Normally, I see this with rebuilding RAID but only a single drive has the DNE light on. 


Any thoughts?


Re: Server going nuts

Hi TechPros,

Is the ILO configured on the server.

If ILO configured- Check the Integrated Management Log (IML) for any critical/caution events logged as this will give you more information why the server's fans are running at high speed. Could you please share the IML events if any?

Also check in the ILO- Storage tab, the status of the Drives/Controller.

If the Integrated Management Log and Storage tab is not giving you enough information, then check under the server hood if all the fans are running / if any fan fails to spin. 

Else request you to log a case with HPE Support Case and Share the AHS logs from ILO to diagnose the issue.


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