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Server retirement dates

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Server retirement dates

Please help was looking for dates months/year for the servers listed below and when they went into retirement status.
If theres any link that has this info that would be great. thanks

Proliant 1600R
Proliant 1850R
Proliant 3000
Proliant 3000R
Proliant 6400R
Proliant 6500
Proliant 6500R
Proliant 7000R
Proliant 8500R
Proliant DL 385
Proliant DL 580 G2
Proliant DL 585
Proliant DL360
Proliant DL360 G2
Proliant DL360 G3
Proliant DL360 G4
Proliant DL380
Proliant DL380 G2
Proliant DL380 G3
Proliant DL380 G4
Proliant DL385
Proliant DL580
Proliant DL580 G2
Proliant DL585
Proliant DL760
Proliant DL760 G2
Proliant ML350 G3
Proliant ML530
Proliant ML530 G2
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Re: Server retirement dates

Here is the link for the rx servers

unfortunately, I do not have a link for the compaq servers.