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Single vs dual-core CPU

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Vic S. Kelan
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Single vs dual-core CPU

Please can anyone let me know any link that I can compare the performance between dual and single core CPU's and any other info comparing them?

I think the performance of dual CPU's are significantly less than two seperate single CPU's.

We had planned to add a second CPU until my boss had a chat with the BEA rep that he doesnt pay additional license if we ran dual CPU's....just wanna point all possible draw backs on the techical side....

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Re: Single vs dual-core CPU

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Single vs dual-core CPU


These links are marketing comparisions that are not under ideal conditions.

Dual Core CPU's do provide you more flexibility. You get one of them, and get aproximately another CPU worth of power leaving you free toadd another DC CPU in the future.

How the cache is constucted is critical. Intel's setup is considere by many to be inferior to AMD's.

However with PA-RISC and Itanium 2 based machines, the world is going Dual Core, and eventually Quad Core. Though it will not exactly double CPU power, it is how they vendors are increasing CPU power.

A key factor with dual core is memory addressing. Some schemes have only half the system memory available to any one chip. Thats not good.

Steven E Protter
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Vic S. Kelan
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Re: Single vs dual-core CPU

Thanks Guys for the quick response
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Re: Single vs dual-core CPU

Just to reiterate that in some instances you can achieve some cost-savings when opting for dual-core rather than dual-processor, provided the vendor licenses their software per socket and not per core.

It sounds as if you already have a server and were trying to decide whether to purchase another single-core processor or replace the existing single-core with a dual-core processor. Is that correct?