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Specs for HP 379300-B21 memory

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Specs for HP 379300-B21 memory

I recently buyed 2 sets of advanced ECC memory (HP 379300-B21) but I did not get the specific data to configure the BIOS DRAM configuration settings.
Can anybody help me to get these settings right?
I use this memory on a MSI motherboard K8N-Master2-FAR with 2x dual opteron 275.

Many thanks for help in advance!
Víctor Cespón
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Re: Specs for HP 379300-B21 memory

Hi, 379300-B21 is a DIMM, 2 GB, PC3200 DDR1-400.

It is used on HP AMD-based servers like DL385, DL585, BL25p and BL35p.

I don't know if someone can provide the memory timmings for it. There are programs that can read the SPD data on the DIMM and give more information.