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Stepped-wave UPS Ok for Microserver gen10+?

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Stepped-wave UPS Ok for Microserver gen10+?

Hi all,

I'm looking for an inexpensive UPS for my Microserver gen10+. Most of the options in the price range I'm aiming for (entry-level APC Back-UPS etc) do not have a pure sinewave output when running on battery, but rather an approximated stepped-wave sine. Does the external 12V power brick that comes with the Microserver gen10+ work with a stepped-wave AC input?

The idea is to configure TrueNAS to immediately shut down when a power outage is detected, so operation on battery power would be very brief, and it would be a rare occurence – I think we've only experienced one power outage over the last three years. So I don't particularly care if it's a bit inefficient or sub-optimal as long as it's safe and stable.


Re: Stepped-wave UPS Ok for Microserver gen10+?


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