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Storage Works Rails too long for cabinet

John Wilson_22
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Storage Works Rails too long for cabinet

I have a new storage works system. The shipped rails are aproximately 28" long. My cabinet appears to require a rail aproximately 24" long. Is there a short rail available? Is there an adpater available? Lastly is it possible to allow the storage works chassis to simple sit on an existing open air shelf within the cabinet? There are no vents on the bottom of the storageworks chassis that would be covered -so I think it would be ok? My models 302969-B21 STORAGEWORKS 4414 U320 SCSI, with 302465-001 3U railkit.

Allan Bowman
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Re: Storage Works Rails too long for cabinet

The rails have changed over the years - used to be adjustable, but now most systems ship with fixed rails for a "Compaq" cabinet. You can either adjust your front and/or rear verticals (may not be on option), get third party adapters (there are a number of vendors that sell the brackets you would need), or use a shelf. There should not be a problem sitting the unit on an open shelf - the only caution is that you need to find a way to secure it so that it doesn't fall off the back when you are inserting a new drive. I have done this in the past with other storage works bays and have not had any problems.

Allan in Atlanta