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Switch Box

Can you get a switch box to work with one unix console and various unix boxes? Where would I get one of these, if such a beast exists. Thanks
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Switch Box

You can get them anywhere.



We have two.

I am not endorsing either of the web sites above, thats just where I last got one.

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Re: Switch Box

Which one do you use for your unix systems...do you have a model number?
doug mielke
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Re: Switch Box

It shouldn't matter from an HP perspective.
However, price changes significantly when you add things like mouse capability, or more than 4 connections, etc.

I bought mine from blackbox.com, and even if you don't buy from them, their free telephone support will make you an expert on nearly anything the sell in just a few minutes. You could browse their page, then call and have them supply you with tons of info. on their offerings.

Don't forget your extra cable
Angus Crome
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Re: Switch Box

Avocent, Black Box, Rack-IT Technologies, Rose Electronics, Cybex, the list goes on and on.
You can get these things through just about any mail-order or online computer sales outlet.
There are versions for both Console(Terminal) and KVM, depending on whether your needs are Visual or command line.

Also, both SUN and Data General Unix servers usually require an adapter or special cable to work with the standard switch devices. The folks with online support or the manufacturers can tell you any specifics about these issues.
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