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T1000 XR High Voltage

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T1000 XR High Voltage


I have a T1000 XR UPS which does goes into standby mode instead of operate mode when utility power returns. How can I check or troubleshoot this?
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Re: T1000 XR High Voltage

I need a little more information to be able to provide an opinion.

1) What conditions caused the utility power to disappear (please be as detailed as possible)?

2) Do you have any HP Power Manager Logs that you can share? HP Power Manager (HPPM) captures activity and status logs for the UPS to which it is connected; and itâ s free. HPPM can be found at:

3) What firmware does the unit have?

4) To what utility power rating is the UPS configured to?
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Re: T1000 XR High Voltage

The conditions of causing the utility power loss appear to be blackouts or brownouts. The logs just show a Power Buck or Boost. I am using HP Rack and Power Manager as we have a few sites and we are just setting up the software for monitoring the UPS.

I must state the UPS is at another location so I don't have exact details for what is causing the utility power loss and return. It is rated to 1000VA with default settings. I'm not sure what firmware is running on it.

I have attached the logs in jpeg form from the HP Rack and Power manager.

Anything else, let me know
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Re: T1000 XR High Voltage

It appears to be a faulty UPS. The UPS was not holding up the server long enough to do a clean shutdown. After replacing the UPS and testing when utility power was removed, the issue was resolved