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T1500 G3 UPS failure

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T1500 G3 UPS failure

We have a UPS which has failed on us. The question I am wondering is whether the unit has died or if it is only the battery.


If we try to turn it on we get no lights on the front at all, we just get a clicking noise which sounds like a relay trying to switch.


If you remove the battery then nothing happens at all, it won't even switch on to tell you the battery has failed, which I would expect it to.


All of the troubleshooting I can find from HP relates to the status lights telling us something, but I am getting nothing, it just seems to be dead.


I am wondering if the unit itself is dead or if it will be okay if a new battery is put in, but I don't want to buy a battery for a failed UPS.


Does anyone have any advice on this?