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T1500 G3 ups never stops charging

Occasional Collector

T1500 G3 ups never stops charging

hello, i recently bought a new t1500 g3 (220v european) to protect some pcs. 

after following the instructions and let it charge without any load connected for 24h, i tested it a bit and noticed its battery never reaches 100% but instead keeps cycling between "resting" and "charging" states.

after simulating a power outage draining the battery for less than 20% of its max capacity, the fan stays on constantly for more than a day before reaching the silent idle state, while in the manual it's stated it should take 3 hours tops to charge. 

the battery is at 40.06V , load can vary from 6% to 30% depending on what's powerred on at the time, i already did the battery self-test which passed without errors.

is it normal to take that much time to enter bypass mode? could the voltage setting switches be the cause of this behaviour?

thank you! :)

Occasional Collector

Re: T1500 G3 ups never stops charging

i've taken out the battery pack and measured voltage on the separate bricks: 

13.36V - 13.27V - 13.28V