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T1500 XP UPS Cooling fan wont switch off

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T1500 XP UPS Cooling fan wont switch off

I have recently installed the web browser for this UP after upgrading to W7 on our network. The web software detects the UPS and all is fine here. Small problem is that the cooling fan in the UPS wont switch off. The software allows you to test the battery and you hear the fan increase in speed, and then settle back down to its "normal" speed.

Previously it use to switch off after 6-12 hours, but its been on for 4 days. I have depowered the entire network and shut the UPS down, repowered and reset from the front panel, restarted all devices, but to no avail!


I have searched the webbased software controlling the UPS but there is no other way to effect the cooling fan operation, other than maybe its on for a reason??, but its not eveident what this is. There are no warning messages or critical errors at present.

Thanks in advance