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T1500 charged at 25%

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Jon Pay
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T1500 charged at 25%

My T1500 XR UPS is only charged at 25%. During the last power cut I got 5 minutes of power before shut down. Does anyone know how I can get a 100% charge on this power supply?

Keith Bevan_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: T1500 charged at 25%


Sounds like you battery/batteries requires charging. But are you sure you are not looking at the load scale 100%-----25%.

If it is the batteries, the best way to accomplish the recharge is is to remove load from the output receptacles and leave for 24 hours in standby mode, or if the batteries are shot then you may have to purchase new ones.

Either way have a look at the text below for guidance.

Charging Batteries:
The Compaq UPS T1500 XR model automatically charges the batteries when connected to utility power.

Replacing Batteries:
When the Bad Battery/Low Battery LED turns red, batteries may need to be replaced within 30 to 60 days.

Hope this helps.


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