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TFT5600 RKM Screen Dull

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TFT5600 RKM Screen Dull

We have got a TFT5600 RKM KVM console which I have set up on a desk to test. The screen on the console goes dark after only a few minutes use (so dark I can hardly see what is on the screen). It is as if the back-light has gone off.

I have tried all the functions to increase brightness, contrast, etc, but can't get the screen any brighter.

I turned off the unit for an hour and when I went back to it, it did the same thing - normal brightness for a while, then dull.

The only thing that may have effected it was that I was swapping the cables around on the KVM modules to test them.

I don't know if this is a fault in the equipment or some function I am missing. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: TFT5600 RKM Screen Dull


I had one of these do the exact same thing... warranty replaced the console and all is better now.

Call HP and get a new one!
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Re: TFT5600 RKM Screen Dull

Thanks for this response - a call has now been logged, and the new screen should be here tomorrow.

Cheers, K.