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TFT5600 Rackmount Keyboard problem

bill summers
Occasional Contributor

TFT5600 Rackmount Keyboard problem

We have two HP9000/rp4440s running HP-UX 11.11.
We recently purchased TFT5600 rackmount keyboard and monitor and USB/PS2 KVM Switch
with A7782A USB abapter connecting A6150B VGA
card with on-board USB ports on the servers.
These are to replace our old 700/96 monitors.
I followed instructions in and have
been unable to configure the TFT5600 correctly
for the CDE login screen to function. The recommended monitor setting is 1024 x 768 at 60Hz however the setmon -r command does not allow for that setting. It returns the following:
1 1280 1024 75
2 1024 768 75
3 1600 1200 75
4 1600 1024 76

Option 2 comes closest and that gets me the
CDE login screen but that's all, no keyboard
or mouse activity.
Does anyone out there use a TFT5600 with rp4440?
Any ideas on getting this to work?

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: TFT5600 Rackmount Keyboard problem

5600RKM does it gave you any problem if locally attached to server?
bill summers
Occasional Contributor

Re: TFT5600 Rackmount Keyboard problem

It is attached locally to the on-board
USB port via the A7782A USB adapter and to
the A6150B VGA card. This is the setup
recommended by our HP support, but they
have never seen it in use. We are about
ready to pull the plug on this setup. I guess
what I'm asking is does anyone in this
forum universe use a TFT5600 with a
HP9000/rp4440 ?

Thanks for your reply,
Moath Taslaq
New Member

Re: TFT5600 Rackmount Keyboard problem

Hello Bill,

i want to ask you about your TFT5600 problem with A6150B VGA card,are you find the solution or what?
because i have the same problem with this product and i can't find solution until now,
please if you find it ,tell me it as soon as possible