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TFT7600 Rackmount Keyboard & Monitor

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TFT7600 Rackmount Keyboard & Monitor

I have a rackmount monitor that has no display. Have checked to make sure it isnt just backlight failure.

I have been trying to log the fault with HP as it has a 3 year warranty. I have been dialling 0845 1610030 in the UK and then have to listen to various options as the service is now voice activated.

What catagory does this come under?

So far I have tried Server, More products & Monitor and More products - not listed.

Each time I have given my name and phone number then the serial number to get transferred to a different department.

Not one of the phone departments has logged my call to give me a case id number.

I cant submit a case online as I'm told the information is incorrect even though the same information tells me that I have a TFT7600 Rackmount Keyboard & Monitor on the previous webpage.


How do I report this fault to HP

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Re: TFT7600 Rackmount Keyboard & Monitor


Please refer to the Guided Troubleshooting for TFT from the following link:


You can use the following Link to get Technical support for your product 

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