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The disk don´t rebuild URGENT PLEASE

Francisco José
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The disk don´t rebuild URGENT PLEASE


I have a TaskSmart N4200 With a 5300 Array Controller and 3 cages with 11 36Gb Ultra3 SCSI 15K per cage. One disk has fail and I replace with the HP send disk, an Ultra320 disk.

The disk led's are in rebuilding status but in the ACU the percent is 0%
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Re: The disk don´t rebuild URGENT PLEASE

Hi Francisco

A couple of things could be happening here,

1. Is your task smart under load ?? if so that could be slowing things down

2. More probable is the fact that the array is set to low or medium rebuild.. once the rebuild initiates, you can't change the rate until the rebuild is complete..

Just to give you an indication, it took 3 days for a disk to rebuild on a lotus notes server with a 1000 users. Which is why we've change the rebuild rates to high on our servers

Hope this is of some help