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Turning a decade of lessons into actions and realizing you’re a team and not a bunch of individuals

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Turning a decade of lessons into actions and realizing you’re a team and not a bunch of individuals



My career with Hewlett Packard Enterprise started in August 2007. HPE is the place where I got full alignment with my career path, and I enjoyed the work I did until now, and continue to do at HPE. With all the trust and confidence that HPE has given me, I always believe that if I try my best to do something in my work, it will be done well for sure.

ChinaTeam.JPGI still remember the first day when I joined HPE,  I could immediately feel the respect and support from my colleagues and the company. The feeling has been with me all along and it is embedded in my mind now. This encourages me to give back the same respect and support to all my colleagues and to my company. When I was working as a senior software engineer in HPE many years ago, my manager gave me opportunities to take project lead responsibilities and when I became a good lead, my manager fully trusted me to be promoted to a manager. Further on, my leaders continued to explore my potential by opening more doors for me. After all these years in HPE, I have enough courage to face all kinds of challenges in the work. In parallel, whenever my team members do something good, I make sure to give them immediate recognition for what they have done, just as all my managers have done for me. I like to see the sparkles in people’s eyes when their work and values are appreciated by the company.

TeamWork.JPGHPE is a great place to work, and I know so many colleagues all over the world who have been spending almost their entire career path in HPE. All of us consider HPE as a big family, and we try to contribute more to this family. When we have young people who join the team, I try to provide enough support to them, especially young women engineers, because I know the pressure from the engineering work and the pain, when we have a conflict between work and life.  I share my experiences with the team when they need help and provide suggestions when they have to make decisions. It’s good to see that young people grow and enjoy their work in HPE. These youngsters are the future of HPE  if they pay attention to the quality of our products and efficiency of their work, it means we have more successors to provide better products and more prompt services to our customers.

TeamBuilding (2).JPGIn HPE, we have opportunities to work with people from all over the world. Among these people, some of them are senior leads, and some of them are engineers, I enjoy working with each of them and am proud to be one of them because everyone has a strong enthusiasm for their work and for our customers. I can feel the cultural differences from different countries, but the work and technology become the common language among us. We become closer with each other when we brainstorm new ideas, support the customers, solve the tough issues, do the agile transformation in the work, and deliver releases with quality. The trust and understanding connect all of us as ONE TEAM together.

Due to different time zones, everyday China R&D team is the first one to welcome a new day, followed by the India team, Europe, and finally, the US team takes over the day time. Day by day we get used to this and work as a backup to each other to make sure that we support the customers across timezones, all over the world.

Each day, some of the brightest minds in the industry are collaborating, dreaming, and driving solutions on a truly global scale. At HPE, employees are fearlessly creating what’s next for their customers – and their own careers. Want to join our global culture? Explore #HPECareers and apply to our openings today! 

Hu_Ya-Nan_Profile2.jpgAbout the Author:  

Hu Ya-Nan is based in Shanghai, China, and she received her EE master’s degree at university. After graduation, she has taken different roles in the software development domain including developer, tester, lead, and manager. Currently, she is the CMS R&D China site manager at HPE.