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Two HPE Smart Array P408i Gen10 controllers discovery order

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Two HPE Smart Array P408i Gen10 controllers discovery order

I have HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 and HPE Smart Array P408i-p SR Gen10 in HPE Proliant ML350 Gen10 v2 server. P408i-a used with primary SSD disks for OS and main data. P408i-p used for LFF cage for additional logical RAID drive with big but slow disks.

When I try to setup Linux OS with P408i-p taken away from server everything goes Ok and Logical Drive 1 made with P408i-a and SSD disks connected to it enumerates during power up and boot as:
Controller #00 found at PCI Slot:00, Bus:65, Dev:00, Func:00
Dev#0 - RAID-1
1 Logical Drive(s)/Physical Drive(s) Found

so, when Linux starts it names it as /dev/sda - everything is Ok

but when I add P408i-p it becomes first instead of P408i-a:

Controller #00 found at PCI Slot:3, Bus:11, Dev:00, Func:00 and it's Logical Drive 2 starts to be /dev/sda ,
but my main P408i-a becomes second Controller #01 and it's Logical Drive 1 becomes /dev/sdb

So, if system is already installed at /dev/sda it stop to work and if I'm trying to install new one I can't get right order of logical drives

How can I affect at devices emunaration/discovery order to make P408i-a go before P408i-p ? Boot order configuration in BIOS affects nothing


Re: Two HPE Smart Array P408i Gen10 controllers discovery order


 Please update the SA P408i firmware with Version 3.0 and latest driver.

** CRITICAL ** Supplemental Update / Online ROM Flash Component for Linux (x64) - HPE Smart Array P408i-p, P408e-p, P408i-a, P408i-c, E208i-p, E208e-p, E208i-c, E208i-a, P408i-sb, P408e-m, P204i-c, P204i-b, P816i-a and P416ie-m SR Gen10

Share the latest IML errors,if the issue still persist.

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