UNIX 1991

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UNIX 1991

This request is a strange one...I need a Tech. Spec. Sheet on a HP product of mine I found..(yes, found)...and from the looks of it it was made in 1991 and has on-board RAM and Cache along with standard computer components.(Serial, Vga, LAN, PS/2 Audio) and even stranger this board is VERY small for on-board scsi and all of the other stuff it has. I want to make this thing live again VERY BADDLY. Its processor is also a nice little asset, it goes above and beyond the pin count of the pentium 1 or any 486 that was avaliable at the time of this thing's creation. Its model number seems to be "401101R8WK". I was later informed it was a UNIX box and HP no longer gives free support on it.
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Denver Osborn
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Re: UNIX 1991


I'm not familiar with what box it could be, but here's something that may help.


I've already tried using the part number provided, but it wasn't found. If there is more information on the box use the partsurfer page to look it up under product or part number searches.

Do you have a digital camera? Post a few pics of it if you can... chances are someone will know what model it is.

hope this helps
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Re: UNIX 1991

I bet it's an Apollo.

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