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UPS Config for 2012 Hyper-V Environment

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UPS Config for 2012 Hyper-V Environment



I have a 2 x R/T3000 UPS’s with Management Cards installed and 2x R/T3000 G2 UPS’s with the Network Management Cards installed.  I want to use them to protect my Hyper-V environment in case of power. 


The environment comprises of the following:

3 x DL360p G8 Hosts running Windows Server 2012 Data Centre

2 x P4300 SAN shelves

2 x HP 2950al Switches


I would like to shut down the servers after 10 minutes and then the SANs and switches after 15 minutes.  When the power is reinstated I want the SANs and switches to power on first and then the servers.


I’m planning to do the following:

Enable Automatic Power On in the BIOS of the servers;

Connect the host servers to segment #1 and the SAN and switches to segment #2 on the G2’s (one PSU to each server);

Install Power Protector Client on the servers and configure redundancy;

Configure Hyper-V to shut down the VMs;

Configure segment #1 to shutdown hosts servers down after 10 minutes and segment #2 to run a script to shut down the SAN after 15 minutes.


When the power is reinstated the segment #2 will power on straight away and segment #2, 10 minutes later.


Does anyone have any other suggestions for my set up?  Would I be best to have the switches on the older R/T3000’s as I understand the segment feeding the SAN won’t power off if there is a load on them?  Should I install Power Protector Client on the VMs to shut them down or let Hyper-V do that?


Any advice, links etc would be very welcome.


Many thanks