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UPS Configuration

Robert Gamble_3
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UPS Configuration

I have inherited a D350 with an internal HP UPS system. How can I tell if the
system has been configured to receive input from the UPS to signal a shutdown?
(without actually testing it?) We will test next month, but I would like to
know if we need to anything for this system.

Thanks in advance for all advice !
Robert Gamble_3
Regular Advisor

Re: UPS Configuration

HP-UX 10.20

ps -ef | grep ups shows: /usr/lbin/ups_mond -f /etc/ups_conf -e ups_monchild
in /etc/inittab:
ttp1:234:off:/usr/sbin/getty -h tty0p1 9600 # UPS configured on port 1
ups::respawn:rtprio 0 /usr/lbin/ups_mond

contents of /etc/ups_conf:
# @(#) $Revision: 70.4 $
upstty:/dev/tty0p1 # Port 1 (second) on terminal mux 0 for UPS rs-232

Carlos Riera
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Re: UPS Configuration


I think you have a good configuration.

You can press ?test? button in UPS to send signal to ups_mond.

Immediately ups messages will appear in console.
Robert Gamble_3
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Re: UPS Configuration

Thank you for responding Carlos.

The test mesaages appear, and I feel much more confident about passing the
power 'test' next month.