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UPS Error codes on R3000XR series UPS

Sanjar Objeawa
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UPS Error codes on R3000XR series UPS

Hi Everyone.

I have a problem with three UPSs (R3000XR) in my site.
The error codes in the PDF do not match what I see. Due to change restrictions, I cannot use HP Power Manager to look at the UPS, so I have to go by sight and display.

On two of the UPS they blink as such:
General Alarm (Blinking Red)
Battery Fault (Blinking Red)
Utility (Blinking Green)

The other UPS is the same, except for the fact that the Utility is solid Green.

These UPS are out of warranty, but I don't want to assume it is the battery and buy a new one if it is the other module.

On the troubleshooting PDF, there is no information for either instance (what to do or where to check next).

Your help is appreciated.