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UPS HP R3000 XR - Suspicious battery runtime

Occasional Advisor

UPS HP R3000 XR - Suspicious battery runtime

Hi to all,



Where I work we have 2 HP R3000 XR UPS. We use the HP Power Manager to manage and read the UPS Statistics. The IT Senior has asked me to examine the UPS condition and report anything suspicious.


  • The first UPS1, is as is, and it has 42-43% output load at 1164W output power, and has 11-12min of runtime.
  • The seccond UPS2 has an aditional battery. It has 56-57% output load at 1564W. But the Power Manager shows only 8mins of runtime, despite its aditional battery.


I've been asking myself why is it like that? UPS2 has 2 batteries.

It seems like UPS2 doesn't see the other battery or perhaps the HP Power Manager reads the information only from the first battery?

Or maybe one of the batteries is dead?


I am not much into UPSs and current and I have only basic knowledge from college. However based on the load and the batteies from UPS1 and UPS2 I asume that UPS2 will have at least 10min of runtime at that load since it has two batteries.


Below you can see image screenshots from the UPS1 and UPS2.