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UPS Management Module - servers unaware of power out

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UPS Management Module - servers unaware of power out

I have two HP R3000 XR UPS's, both inlude the UPS Management Module. Both modules were communicating with their servers (Win 2K3) and, as far as I could tell, correctly configured: IP addresses, green checks on both Module and server sides.

This weekend the office experienced a power outage, the UPS's ran down, and the servers never knew there was a power outage - unexpected shutdowns on all servers. All server event logs were empty of any reference to "on battery", "signal shutdown", etc.

The UPS Modules are connected to my network via Ethernet, and see all servers on which the agent (version 4.5) is installed. Must I connect each server to its UPS with a serial connection, also? Or is it enough simply to have one Ethernet connection per Module, with all IPs correctly configured?

Thanks in adavance,

-- Bill
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Re: UPS Management Module - servers unaware of power out

Hi Bill,

No, you don't need serial connection if network connection already worked.
-Event logs? check in the HPMM's log tab. Event logs are handled by HPMM.

When a power out happened, it depends on how you set on these 2 delays (in the Power Fails option):
-"Shutdown delays": enter the minutes that UPS should wait on battery before sending out a shutdown command to servers (prevent a brief power loss, no shutdown happens).
-"OS shutdown delays": enter the minutes that you expect your servers will take that long to close all apps and OS then will be shutdown afterward. You data are safe now. UPS will restart when utility restores.

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Re: UPS Management Module - servers unaware of power out

Brian, thanks for this plain-language information. It's helpful.

I think what happened is that the power was in a brown-out and the batteries depleted over time, not an on/off blackout. The option [Setup, Power Fail, Advanced] for Low Battery Delay is unchecked. I think checking this option and specifying a delay time will cause a graceful shutdown once the battery gives a "Low" signal.

Is this correct?

-- Bill