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UPS Management modules?

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UPS Management modules?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum.


Looking for help configuring out AF401A management modules for our UPS. I can't seem to connect to the module through the configuration port.


Connected config port to computer via usb-serial converter.


Using 115200 bits

8 data bit

parity none

stop bits 1

flow control none


Using Putty to connect. Push reset button. Seems to connect but we never see a post to continue with configuration.


Any help would be appreciated.





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Re: UPS Management modules?



Following are the stesp required to enter HP UPS Management Module Service Menu

  1. Connect a network cable in the "Config-PassThru" port on the UPS Management Module, and the other end to a server or laptop, with a RJ45 to DB9 serial converter.(Check the steps for connecting configuration cable on Page 21 of the user guide @
  2. Run HyperTerminal or any other console emulation software (like PuTTY).
  3. Press the RESET button on the UPS Management Module.
  4. On the session screen, the POST executes, and then a prompt appears. Press any key within 5 seconds to enter the HP UPS Management Module Service Menu.
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