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UPS Managment Module - Agents not starting

James Crosland
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UPS Managment Module - Agents not starting

We have 24 R3000 UPS's with a UPS management module in each. I've recently installed the "UPS Power Protection Agent 4.5" on all the servers using IP and all went fine.

This weekend we had a planned power outage so everything was shutdown and then started backup up. I've noticed today that none of the agents (on the Windows servers) have checked back in with the UPS - on a couple i've logged in and manually prompted - by right clicking on the system tray icon (that display "service is not running") and selected "Start service"

30 seconds later the server has a nice green tick and the UPS has got a green tick on both AS and RU.

The Windows agents are set to "start service on startup"

Has anybody else seen this - any ideas how to resolve - i don't want to have to log on to 60 odd servers any time we have a power outage, but at the moment i don't think the managed shutdown would work.

Cheers. Jammes