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UPS Probs

Simon Queripel
Occasional Visitor

UPS Probs


I've just managed to get hold of an old Powerwise L900 UPS for my system at home, and found that when I plug it in and switch on, all I get is a continuous beep and no lights on the front. I have taken it back and got a second one but this is doing exactly the same.

The UPS's are old one's that my company used to use but have now gone for a full rack- mounted system and no-longer require them. we have no documentation, and no-one seems to know how to use them.....

Any idea's as it would be a real shame to throw them away.



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Denver Osborn
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Re: UPS Probs

maybe they have a blown fuse that needs replaced?
Jennifer Chiarelli
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Re: UPS Probs

If they were not in use for a while, the batteries may be dead. There should be a button to silence the alarm. Then try letting it charge the battery. If the battery is any good, that should help.
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Patrick Wessel
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Re: UPS Probs

The PowerWise UPSs are OEMs from APC. Maybe you are able to find the 'original' APC model name and ask the same question in the "APS Forum"
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Re: UPS Probs


I also have a PowerWise L900 from HP, and i also have the same 'problem' as Mr. Simon Queripel.

Now, i have checked the battery's and all of the fuses.
The 4 battery's should deliver a voltage of 48V, i mesured 25,42 so i guess they are in poor condition.
Also i have checkt for an APC product identification number or any clue, but failed to find one.
I am going to charge all 4 of the battery's manualy, and hope that this will solve my problem... :-)

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Re: UPS Probs

The problem is that some electrolytic capacitors are dried because of time and high temperature. Try to replace all 10uF/50V capacitors around CPU ( there are 5 -6 of them ) This helps me to revive around 10 HP PowerWise L900 and L1250.

And check the bateries of course...