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UPS Question (r1500 g2)

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UPS Question (r1500 g2)

Just want to get some opinions please.


We have an R1500 G2 at a client site, and the management agents keep popping up with "output source reduced". I cant find any definitive answer to this anywhere, but I suspect it means that the UPS is running a permanent reduce on the input power? Am I right? Then we either need to check the voltage of the local power supply and sort that out, or perhaps the UPS came with one of the dip switches set to expect less power than it is getting (not on-site so difficult to confirm, but will look depending on answers).


Just a bit of background, this device replaces an APC UPS which so far as I know never had a problem (replaced because of faulty batteries and advanced age). We have also had a replacement shipped from HP, so it isnt a faulty unit (you would assume).


Any ideas, faulty cables maybe? What should I check?


Thank you