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UPS R1500 G3 - Failure

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UPS R1500 G3 - Failure

I have bought a second hand R1500 G3 but on testing it it turns out to be faulty. One of the relays clicks roughly every 1 second. It will not start. No led light on the front panel.

Ive checked and the batteries are OK, They are sitting at about 33 volts.  

I used to work as an electronics technician so had hoped i could solve the issue, but because I cant find a circuit diagram anywhere for this model it proving to be tough to work out how to fault find in it.

1. Can anyone help me with a circuit diagram

2. Can anyone suggest the best place to start looking?

3. Does anyone know the most likely failure items on this model - especially with this fault condition if you can.







Re: UPS R1500 G3 - Failure

Hi Stephen

Please refer to the user guide:

Page 29 shows the LED status info along wtih beep codes. Hope that helps.

We do not have the circuit diagram of the board. In case of bad board, we generally replace it.

Thank you


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Re: UPS R1500 G3 - Failure

Many thanks for taking the time to respond., I am very appreciative. 

In my case the replacement board would be cost prohibitive. 40 years ago I trained & worked as an electronics technician. SO I will take this as a new challenge, to work through the board to determine how it works and test the logical issue points till I dtermine the fault. It's usually something simple - when you finally find it !

Nothing is visibly scorched so there is no other option without a diagram.  It's lucky I have time on my hands :)

Anyway, thanks again for replying. I can stop looking for a diagram now and get to fault finding. 

Best regards