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I replaced the battery in my UPS and I have a problem. The UPS show that it not loaded.
How I could reset life time if it is in this ups?
Any Response it will be helpfull for me.
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Re: UPS R3000XR


IMPORTANT: The batteries charge to 80 percent of their capacity within approximately three hours.
Charge the batteries for 24 hours before using the UPS to supply backup power to devices. The load
may not be fully protected for 48 hours.

then press button on front for battery test..

see this guide for full referance


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Re: UPS R3000XR

After changing the batteries I waited about 10 minutes and turned the UPS on. Two LEDâ s where lid instantaneously: one was Utility LED (green) and General Alarm (flashing red).
After two weeks we turned off UPS and whole equipment connected to UPS. After that we turned on only UPS and it stayed in that condition about 24h.
Then we turned on whole rack but nothing changed. We did few times self-tests but we noticed no change at all. During self test all LED including UPS lid (first flashing red after that green UPS load).
We also changed configuration parameters Led Bad Battery/Low Battery change to Utility LED. No resultsâ ¦
I attach the photo
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Re: UPS R3000XR

replace complete unit if the battery you added was new..

unit nr 407395-002