UPS Setup

Tina Sosa
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UPS Setup


Here is our setup:

9 HP proliant servers in a rack. Each server has two power supplies. One power supply goes to a HP-R3000-XR UPS and the second power supply goes to another HP-R3000-XR.

Each R3000 UPS system is on its own electrical circuit.

Here is the problem:

WHen we have a general power failure the UPS do thier job and shutdown the machines after the alloted time. However, because of the way the building is sometimes one electrical circuit will fail and the other will remain up. The problem is one UPS goes to battery and begins its countdown to shut down the servers which they will happen after about 10 minutes eventhough they have one power supply running
on direct current.

My questions:

1. Is ths setup just a bad idea to begin with?
2. Is there a tool which can see the two UPS systems as one big system and to configure it to shut down only when it destects an overall power failure?
3. Do you see a better way to do this?


Brian Vo
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Re: UPS Setup


The Power Manger's remote agent doesn't support redundant UPS so it doesn't aware if utility still applied on the other UPS.
The solution isn't available now but a near future (February I believe) by using 2 Management Modules (an option card), one to each UPS. Its protection Agent will communicate with both UPSes and support redundancy.

Tina Sosa
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Re: UPS Setup


Thanks for your answer but I am still a little lost.

Are you saying I need to wait for a Febuary solucion that will require a hardware card for each UPS?

And what agent are you talking about? Is this software that comes with the R3000-XR? We are using something called LAN Safe.

Thanks again for your help.