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UPS T1500 XR

New Member

UPS T1500 XR

Hello everyone!

I was nt sure to post my query regarding UPS's so I posted it in here. Hope no one minds!

I have an old T1500 XR that seems to be working fine but the utility LED is a solid red. I cannot find anything in the manual or other sites to what this means. The solid red LED appears when I hook up the power to my UPS to the generator.

When I then attach the UPS to the normal mains current, the solid red LED vanishes and a solid green LED appears. Not having a great deal of electrical knowledge, could the problem be with the current coming from the backup generator? Does it have to meet some specifications?

Any advice will be very much appreciated.

New Member

Re: UPS T1500 XR

I have been searching info about other UPS products and they seem to have a requirement for what sort of power it must be...e.g.

200-240 V single phase
frequency must be 50 or 50 Hz

Does anyone know what the requirements are or where I can find a manual on this site that may help?