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UPS Usage on redundant power supplies

Brenton Spear
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UPS Usage on redundant power supplies

I am using a HP9000 server which has 3 power supplies.

We have just taken delivery of a Compaq R3000 UPS and I am unsure of the correct way to hook this up.

My question is:

Is it acceptable behavior to connect one of the UPS outputs to one of the power supplies on the HP9000 and leave the other 2 power supplies connected to the non-ups assisted power?
I realise that to be completely covered I should connect all 3 power supplies to the UPS but I cannot really afford to use 3 ports from the UPS to power 1 server.

Any comments?


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Re: UPS Usage on redundant power supplies


It??s possible to do it, as you??ve mentioned. But i would stricly recommend to connect all power supplies to the UPS, because the UPS not only protects the HP from power loss, but from over voltage, too.
A more better protection is to use a separate UPS for different power supplies. But this is even a question of money :-)

But how much does it cost to restore a system, which was damaged by power problems.

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Re: UPS Usage on redundant power supplies

No, not realy. You need to cover the whole HP9000 and leave a spot where you can plug a console in as well. Should you lose power you may need to shutdown the 9000, without a console it gets ugly.

You are plugging in a PDU from the 9000 cabinet correct? and everything else plugs into it. What else needs to covered? In any event, this is a matter for your plant electrician. Tell him what you want covered by the UPS and that you want twist lock plugs on everything (having the ability to kick loose a 110 volt plug kinda defeats the purpose of a UPS). Then stand back and let him fix it.