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UPS and HP rack issue


UPS and HP rack issue

Hi all,


we have now for a long time HP 10000 G2 rack with 2x HP DL380G6 servers mounted. 


Recently we bought HP UPS R/T3000 G4 and it was delivered with the railings that are 2 cm shorter than the rack. 


Do HP racks have the same dimesions or not? How to buy/replace to suitable railings?


(I need to say that railings that are in the manual are not the same as the one we received)


Thanks in advance.


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Re: UPS and HP rack issue

Standard EIA rack was not decide depth, It's decide width only.
So, It sometimes does not fit.

But often , Rack is myself can adjust depth. (not been to rack on other things.)

Re: UPS and HP rack issue

Hi, thanks for reply. Wrong railings were packed. Now is solved new one arrived and mounted. Thanks!