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UPS configuration with hp power manager

Michael Henke
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UPS configuration with hp power manager

Hello folks,

I am supposed to configure a UPS R3000XR (A1356A) on a RP4440 or RP3440.

The major problem is, i don't know the UPS and the customer doesn't know the product. I know the RP-Servers and have a fair knowledge of HP-UX11. The customer has a 4440 and a 3440 and told me he connected his ups to the UPS ports on the management cards of the server. As the site is hundreds of kilometers away i can't just drop by and proof everything myself. I only have to rely on everything I can find out remote or call the customer and tell him what cables to plug or unplug.

If I configure SAM->Periph.->UPS on the server I get a ok in syslog that a ups is configured correctly on one of the ports. (I first configured all serial ports, then uncofigured every port that threw errors in the syslog, which left over one serial port. /usr/lbin/ups_mond: UPS /dev/tty0p0 OK;)

Now, the customer doesn't want to use ups_mon and SAM but DevMan (HPPM). I downloaded and installed HPPM-4.2, uncofigured everything in SAM, killed ups_mon and dm_ups, commented out the ups_mon line in inittab and there is no ups_mond process running so i guess it is stopped. Than I ran /sbin/init.d/DevMan setup.

Now I get the following:
root # /sbin/init.d/DevMan setup
Do you wish to use SSL to communicate with HP Power Manager? [yN]:
Please enter a port to use for web communications [85]:
Is your UPS connected to a network? [yN]:
Please select a serial port to search for a UPS device on:
1) /dev/tty0p0
2) /dev/tty1p0
3) /dev/tty1p2
4) /dev/tty1p4
[1]: 1
Looking for serial devices:
Trying: SerialHID
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'dcl::CDeviceExceptionObject*'
/sbin/init.d/DevMan[200]: 22307 Abort(coredump)

on both servers :(
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: UPS configuration with hp power manager

Hello Michael,
Did you try another cable ? Sounds like a cable issue.

Brian Vo
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Re: UPS configuration with hp power manager

-check SW List to make sure has no ups_mond running
-Try to select option 2 or 3 (tty1p0 or tty1p1) it seems conflicting with another port.