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UPS for HP 3000 918x

Linda Leach_1
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UPS for HP 3000 918x

As part of an overall project, our city has purchase an HP3000 918X for the
police/fire, which is now being configured. However, the city is completing a
WAN and part of that includes UPS protection for all electronics. Since that
was treated as a total solution, the HP300O for police/fire was shipped without
an internal UPS. The UPS for the whole city has not been installed (est. time
one more month). The server plugs indicate it draws 20 amps, and I need a temp
solution for UPS without spending a lot of money or voiding our warranty. Can
somebody help? What number can I call at HP for help with this? The HP3000 was
purchased through a police/fire software vendor.

Re: UPS for HP 3000 918x

You can call pre-sales phone number for information on UPS solutions we offer
at HP.