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UPS load capacity LED's

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UPS load capacity LED's


I could not find a category for UPS's, so I posted the topic here.

I have a R5500 UPS and the UPS load capacity LED is at 20-25%. Does this mean that the UPS is only loaded at 20-25% or that the consumption of energy is at 20-25% (the description of the LED in the quickspecs: "LED indicating 0% to 25% load capacity) of the power the UPS has?

The quickspecs and the user manual does not give enough information to correctly interpreet the LED's.

You can find the visual presentation of the UPS in the following quickspecs, at page 4:

Thanks for your help.
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Re: UPS load capacity LED's

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Re: UPS load capacity LED's

This attachment may help.


Re: UPS load capacity LED's

The LED's show the energy usage, not the status of the battery. The webinterface indicates that the UPS is at 100%, which is good.


Re: UPS load capacity LED's

See last reply for answer.