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UPS management module malfunction

joseph pareti
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UPS management module malfunction

has anybody seen / is familiar with the following error message returned on UPS management module HP R5KVA UPS 3U IEC309-32A HV INTL:


iNsmHandleStartElement(), tx_block_allocate() returns ERROR 16

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Re: UPS management module malfunction

This is a common problem on HP R5000 UPS and the only solution is to replace the NMC/UPS

From my experience when this error appears also come with different strange behavior:

- The servers was shut down in 1-3 minutes instead 30-40 minutes;

- The status of the UPS is "Unknown"  and the only solution is to reboot the management module;

- Rebooting the NMC from the web interface is not working and the only "solution" is to unplug and plug back the NMC  from the UPS because there is no reset button;

A temporary solution is to install the latest firmware of the NMC - AF465A 1.01.010 and every time this error will occure the NMC will automaticaly restart


Good luck