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UPS management module: shutdown options

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UPS management module: shutdown options



I have an R5500 XR with a management card, and some details about controlled shutdown of attached servers through the network are unclear:


- Under Setup / Attached devices, when adding an attached device, there is an option called Estimated Time Required To / Shut Down Operating System. Does this setting have an effect on the order the attached servers are instructed to shut down? For example, if I have a server with a setting of 10 minutes, and another with 15 minutes, does tthe UPS instructs the latter server as the first one to shut down, and five minutes later the another one?

- How is the Shut Down Operating System and the Execute Command option related? If I have a setting for both of them, such as 5 and 3 minutes, the UPS, for example, instructs the server to run the script, waits 3 minutes, then instructs it to shut down?

- On the Setup / Shutdown Events page, various options can be found. Where can I find the detailed description of them, maybe a recommendation on which of them worth be used?


Thank you.


Re: UPS management module: shutdown options

Hi There,


page no 73 of UPS management module user guide explains the shutdown configuration pretty well


Let me know if it does not answer your query.




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