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Re: UPS on unix rp5405

Joy Conner

UPS on unix rp5405

Twice this year, our unix server was shutdown by UPS while AC power was being supplied to UPS.  This has become complicated by learning the UPS is not supported by HP.  It fell out of support in 2008 and no one noticed.  This is not my area of expertise so I wonder how much integration exists between the server and the UPS.  For example there is a ups daemon and, the UPS is configured with shutdown_delay_mins and shutdown_timeout_min and when AC power is disrupted, an event is triggered and email messages which are sent by the system to IT staff.


Given this, I am wondering if it makes sense to purchase an HP UPS with similar integration or will any UPS provide similar integration.


Comments please.

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Re: UPS on unix rp5405

The default behaviour in case of AC loss is to wait a certain time if AC comes back, if not shutdown the server.


The problem is, you need UPS software for HP-UX, not every manufacturer can provide this.

Hope this helps!

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