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Re: UPS problem

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UPS problem

we have hp data center production and DR, in main site we need to replace the old UPS's batteries with new ones, before that we will to take backup for all databases and devices configuration like SAN switches, routers, mpx110, etc...
please can you help us and tell us how we can change batteries with safe and swift way without headache and there are any things to care about before doing our plan.
Best friends we are waiting....
previously Thanks so much.
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Re: UPS problem

I mean what can we do with hp data center contests like Blades, Clusters, mpx110, etc..
how we can take care about it.
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Re: UPS problem

If you are asking how to change the batteries in a UPS, you probably really should ask the UPS vendor.

A lot of the data center grade UPS systems have a 'bypass' mode where you can change the batteries in the UPS while everything in the data center continues to receive power.

We have done this a couple of times that I am aware of and never had any problem while the technicians were changing the batteries. Everything stayed up with no problems.
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Re: UPS problem

I echo the comment about checking with the manufacturer. If you have APC UPS units, you can find a wealth of information at

We have APC Smart-UPS units and it is a simple matter to swap out the batteries. All we have to do is remove the plastic cover, remove two screws, pull the battery out, disconnect the battery, and replace.

Dave Williams
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Re: UPS problem

thanks in advance
but the real problem is not the power itself, the problem is the precautionary measures, we need to know how we can backup the devices configuration exactly SAN Switches that configured with DR project with zoning configuration.

best regards
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Re: UPS problem