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Upgrade Bios version


I have three HPE servers in with the same specs , All in one windows cluster , One of the hosts is slower and have some errors in the cluster and connection to storage , when check that host we found it have an older version of bios (one month late from other hosts) , 

MY question: how to upgrade the bios version of this host to be like others hosts 

Note: I need just to update this host bios version to the same version on the other hosts not to update all hhsosts to latest version , and can not restart more than one host at a time 



Re: Upgrade Bios version


What model of server is it (DLXXX GX) and what version of BIOS are you looking for?

BIOS updates are avaiable on the support portal and you can find older version by looking at the Revision History.

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Re: Upgrade Bios version



I would suggest you, check latest bios have fix for slower issue, if yes you can update.


For slower or latency issue, you have to check below option before update.


1.                   What is the error message.

2.                   Error message belongs to bios.

3.                   What is the SA controller firmware version.

( SA controller and hard disk latest firmware have critical fix for latency issue.) you have to check this side also.

4.                   What is the hard disk firmware version.

 I would suggest you have a proper case be logged with HPE, and share the appropriate logs for further analysis.

Before update bios.

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