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Using SES-AUX on a C1099A Terminal

Oscar Garcia
Regular Advisor

Using SES-AUX on a C1099A Terminal

Hi everybody!

Does anybody know if it is possible to use one terminal C10099A as console for two different boxes simultaneously?

I'm trying to attach one box to the SES1-EIA port and the other on the SES-AUX port.

I have changed the value for Host/Printer in the Quick menu to EIA/AUX, put a null modem adapter on the AUX port and reset 20 times the terminal unsuccessfully.

Thanks for any help,

Oscar Garcia
New Member

Re: Using SES-AUX on a C1099A Terminal

Hello Oscar,

Did you manage to access both servers with one terminal ?
If yes, how ?

Greetings, Andr??