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Re: Video Problem

James Passaniti
Occasional Contributor

Video Problem

i have a HP Pavilion 6553
When I go into games with animation, it almost always freezes up my PC , and /
or crashes it . It also sends it back to re-starting the system.
What do I need to do to fix these problems ? Some of the games that make this
happen are;
L/S 2000 golf, (Interplay Sports) Virtual Deap Sea Fishing. Etc, etc.
Thank you,
James Passaniti
Melvyn Burnard_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Video Problem

You have submitted your query into the forum for discussions on HP's 3000 (MPE)
and 9000 (HP-UX) Server systems.
I would suggest you either re-submit your query to the Workstation Forum, or
better yet refer to the support lines for the respective Software Packages.
Bill Colley_1

Re: Video Problem

James I agree with Melvyn. Check out the web site below for a Pavilion Forum
where your questions might be better answered.
Patrick Scannell
New Member

Re: Video Problem

The Pavilion forums you've pointed Mr. Passaniti to all return an error when I
attempt to view them. This seems very typical of the kind of support I've seen
for the Pavilion line and one more reason I will never buy another PC from HP.

I have exactly the kind of problems Mr. Passaniti describes and I was foolish
enough to try to fix them by downloading drivers and eventually dumping the
badly-supported HP custom sound board for one that works instead of packing the
system back in the box and sending it back to the factory.

Having been very unimpressed with the kind of phone support I've gotten in the
past for what I now know from my own experiments were overheating problems, I
am certainly loath to spend more money to fix (or, more likely, be told I can't
fix) an operating system which was fatally broken from the day HP sold it to

I realize you gentlemen work for other parts of HP, so if you'd be kind enough
to point me to a more appropriate WORKING forum or email address I'd be glad to
vent my spleen elsewhere.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Video Problem

Hi Louis,

As the board of Home PCs-Pavilions and Presario has been retired hence I am unable to move your issues to that particular category.

But if you require assistance with a Home PC and your topic is not already covered, please post your question within the appropriate forum @

Your existing HP Passport account will work on that site, but you will need to create a separate account as it is a different community.
Forum Moderator