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Re: Virtualize or not?

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Virtualize or not?

I am setting up a server for a new customer. We have an HP Server with 4 x 2TB space setup on RAID 10. The Server has Windows 2019 Essentials. It’s been several years since I have set up a server as we generally use a Cloud solution for Small business. However, this customer has applications that need to be run off a server and very bad (non-existent) broadband!  I see the current best practice seems to Virtualize. However, I have no real experience with this and looking for some advice? Virtualize or not?


Re: Virtualize or not?

Hi Frolix8,

You are correct todays world is moving towards cloud so if you want reliability, availablility and many more things cloud is way to go.

However there are lot of customers who still needs on prem servers to run their applications and for that they will need physical servers , I see that you have Windows Server 2019 Essentials which should be sufficient for a small scale business and should be able to run the customer applications. 

You may want to go through below MS document regarding the configuration and other options for windows server essentials.

Feel free to let us know if you have any more questions.


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