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Where do I post regarding old products?

Sandy Young
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Where do I post regarding old products?

A customer has an HP PowerWise 1000 UPS which is working perfectly. He has changed the batteries but still has a warning light telling him to change the batteries! We know not how to switch this off and can find nowhere to post a message to asking for help.

Advice appreciated.

Sandy Young.



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Ron Kinner
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Re: Where do I post regarding old products?

From HP

HP Powerwise Software
Where can I find HP Powerwise software


The HP UPS product line was sold to APC (American Power Conversion) several years ago. APC then discontinued the product line. There is no support for the UPS product line.

UPS software, called Powerwise, was included with the Navigator CD. On G.01.65. The software is located in the following directory of the Navigator CD:

You might try apc. At one time they had manuals for the things that they would send out. Also try posting in comp.sys.hp.hardware where the following post was found:|lang_de&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&safe=off&

which points to:

Sandy Young
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Re: Where do I post regarding old products?


Thanks for your help.

If someone out there can help with clearing this warning message that would be appreciated.

It seems that there may be electronic manuals lurking somewhere and I would be well pleased if someone can point me in that direction too.

Thanks again,

Mic V.
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Re: Where do I post regarding old products?

Here's a UK company that might be able to answer your question; they sell batteries:

This was once a contact at HP (circa 1996):

Hewlett-Packard, PowerWise UPS Division
150 Green Pond Road
Rockaway, N.J. 07866
(800) 533-1333; fax: (800) 333-1917
VAR contact: Bill Romper, market development manager

I found a reference to a "Powerwise Assistant" software; maybe the light is cleared through software? I've never seen such a UPS.

Other potentially useful sites: (they say they got documentation from APC)

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