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Why no forum for UPS's ??

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Why no forum for UPS's ??

Uninteruptable power supplies are sold by HP and used by a lot of HP equipment. Why is there no forum specifically for them??

I'm looking for some specifications and documentation on the HP A3589A PowerTrust 5.5 kVA UPS, but there does not seem to a really suiblable forum. It would seem like its worth having one just for UPS's.

If not, can you suggest a sensible forum?
Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: Why no forum for UPS's ??

Post the ups related message to the forum related to your system.

For instance if your UPS is connected to a s800 server or s700 server running HP-UX, then post the UPS question to

Alternately you could also post it to the hardware related forums for servers or workstations

If your UPS is connected to PC type machines, then post the message at the Business Support Forums
"Downtime is a Crime."

Re: Why no forum for UPS's ??

Sorry I can't seem to (or have not found out how to) reply under the comments made by Cheryl Griffin, (which is what I wanted to do) so I hope you reads this Cherly. Thanks for your reply. When I work out how to send 'points', I'll do that. I only signed up for the forum a couple of days ago and so far I've been trying to get information about the UPS.

I will connect this UPS to an HP C3000 workstation running HP-UX 11, but which I don't run 24/7 anyway. However, if I'm perfectly honest (which I will be), it will power mainly Sun equipment. UPS's are generally useful bits of kits and for the information I want (really a manual and specificiations) it is largely irrelavant what I connect it to - it could be a HP, a Sun, a Cisco router or a bank of lightbulbs!

Obviously I don't expect HP to tell me how to connect it to a Sun and shut the Sun down when the batteries are near exhaustion, but I do think HP could do a bit more by making the manual available. Despite the fact the UPS is not that old, I've so far been unable to find a single reference to it on HP's web site outside the users forum, where many people wanted documentation. This compares quite poorly with Sun, IBM, SGI etc who do make information available on products no longer sold.

Given the nature of a UPS, in that it can (and is likely to be) connected to a lot of equipment, some of which is not going to be HP, I thought a forum might be useful - especially if HP don't make such basic information as a manual available.

Sorry to be so negative, but I was a little surprised at the lack of information available.

Dr. David Kirkby.
Kimberly Ann
Honored Contributor

Re: Why no forum for UPS's ??

Hi Dr. Kirby,

Sorry you can't find adequate information on your UPS. As Cheryl points out, you may try posting to a system category -- there are a lot of knowledgable folks in this community.

FYI, there is a set of FAQs regarding assigning points, posting replies, etc. A link appears on the left side of any forums pages. The direct URL is

Per your comment, to assign point simply login, go to your question, select points for each reply using the pulldown menu next to each reply, and click the 'submit points' button at the bottom of the page.


Re: Why no forum for UPS's ??

Thanks for your response.

Someback back a year ago tried to get the same information.

and despite the fact there are 24 responses, a full manual was never found.

Another point, more relavant to this forum, is that it can't be read on netscape 4.8 for Solaris. I tested this URL against the World Wide Web Consortium validator

and it finds the page does not conform to any standard.

You must think I'm a real moaner!!!

All the best,

Dr. David Kirkby.

Kimberly Ann
Honored Contributor

Re: Why no forum for UPS's ??

Hi Dr.,

Moan away, it is what helps us make this community even better than it is....thanks for the link to the consortium.